Illustration & Visual Design
Tim  Paporiello
Hello, I am Tim. Thank you for visiting. Fall is upon us and it seems the darkness is coming faster than the days are shortening. Stay safe.
I use graphic tools and creative development  to help bring ideas to life in a visual format. I am interested in that which comes through exploration and doing different things to test and push yourself. I feel that is more in line with the processes of creativity. At least it always gives someplace fresh for your mind. Be who you are people say. I love ideas, thought, significance, abstraction, picture books, fantasy, the merging of fantasy with realism, science, science fiction, anthropology, and the wondering of where a story can lead. There is so much to like that can be engaged and focused into each project.
I hope you are having a great day / evening / night / morning wherever you might be.  Life is good and there is more to come, so for now remember to Think for Yourself, Love, Create, and seek more Freedom. 
To contact me you can use the email and social media icons above. I hope you have a great tomorrow and all the best.