Tim Paporiello

Illustration  /  Visual Design


I am interested in many things. I like the way things grow. I love relationships, ideas, significance, the questioning of things, and the wondering of where a story can lead. My focal expertise is in Illustration, Creative & Conceptual Visual Development / Visual Design from Ideation to Polished Completion. I welcome all genres from contemporary to the traditional, to use my technical background for scientific and medical illustration, through fantasy and science fiction, and for the Adult (Editorial) and for the Child ( Picture Book). I will also leave the door open for other opportunities in graphic design. I have a broad range of skills that I continually work to maintain and enhance.

There is so much to like and engage in and in turn, all interests can be focused into a single project. Life is good. True, we live in both good and interesting times, yet there is so much to be grateful for, so remember to love, create, and seek more freedom. 

To contact see please use the email and social media icons. I hope you have a great rest of your day, a great tomorrow. Thank you for visiting and all the best to you.

Also, please visit the page labeled rescinded in the menu. It holds older portfolio pieces. I will also except Crypto-Currency as payment.